Tarpaulins of the highest quality from Hallbyggarna Jonsereds AB
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191.25kr incl. tax
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2 240.00kr incl. tax
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337.50kr incl. tax
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Strong PP-tarpaulin 350 g/m2

PP-Tarpaulin (Polypropylene) – 350g/m² Wear-resistant and ...
4 275.00kr incl. tax
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Large Tarpaulin 180g/m2, 20x30 metres

A large and durable tarpaulin from Hallbyggarna Jonsereds
20 × 30 m
9 900.00kr incl. tax
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Boat Tarpaulin Flex 230g/m2

Handy boat tarpaulin that suits all boats. Can be easily cut to s...
999.00kr incl. tax
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Holdon® Bungee Elastic Cords, Rubber straps

Handy elastic cords/rubber straps with a high tensile strength.
98.75kr incl. tax
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2.1 × 50 m
1 169.00kr incl. tax
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Eyelet Clips - Holdon® Midi Clips

Holdon® Midi Clips are a strong, patented and reusable eyelet c...
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Special order item
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Buy tarpaulin

We have a wide range of tarpaulins in different sizes and materials to suit all needs and budgets, in stock and ready for immediate delivery. No matter whether you need a large, thick and heavyweight tarpaulin for tougher use or a smaller, lighter and easier to handle tarpaulin, we can always offer the highest quality with a wide range of sizes.

Always in stock and delivered by Schenker within 1-2 working days.

Tarpaulins of the highest quality at the right price

We have delivered tarpaulins for many years and we dare to say that we know the industry better than anyone else. Because we, above-all, maintain remarkably high quality on all of our products. There is a noticeable difference in buying tarpaulins from us compared with one of the cheaper products you can find at the large DIY chains. A tarpaulin from Hallbyggarna Jonsereds is more durable and also more weather resistant. This is why our tarpaulins have a significantly longer lifetime and in the long run are a much more affordable investment. If you are interested in hiring a large and strong tarpaulin, as a leading actor, we have a large range of tarpaulins for rent that are suited for the building industry.

Rent a tarpaulin

See our products for rent.

Find the right model for your needs

No matter whether you need an exceptionally large tarpaulin or a smaller one, we can find a suitable solution for you at the right price. We have sizes up to 200 m² (10×20 metres) for direct sale via our webshop. If you need a boat tarpaulin or another specially customised solution, then upon request we can customise the tarpaulin to suit your needs and requirements. Contact us and we will help you to find the solution that suits you.

Three durable standard products

  • Heavy tarpaulin PVC 650g/m² is what you should buy if you need a very heavy and thick PVC tarpaulin. It tolerates all types of weather and stays in place during hard winds.
  • If you need a lighter type with the same durability the Strong PP tarpaulin is the right type for you. Both the tarpaulin and the eyelets are manufactured from polypropylene and are thus the best environmental choice.
  • Do you need a flexible, affordable and easy to handle solution? In this case, you should buy Tarpaulin 250g/m², which is high quality and easy to lift. Manufactured from polyethylene with reinforced edges and aluminium eyelets, it is easy and handy.