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Machine storage



Certified fabric structures for a more secure business transaction.


Machine storage - optimised according to your activity

Expectations and requirements for a machine storage vary depending on several factors. Your needs can be anything from a smaller standardised fabric structure with a short project delivery time to a fully equipped building that is carefully tailor made to your specific needs. We can offer you a solution no matter what. Hallbyggarna Jonsereds has carried out over 18 000 projects over the course of 50 years. This forms the basis for the quality our customers have come to expect and demand from us.

Tailor made to suit your requirements

Our standard product range offers spans ranging from 10 metres to 50 metres, with leg heights from 3 metres to 8 metres and a wide range of accessories. Everything from large doors for smooth operation of traffic, to dehumidification. illumination and many other options.

Flexible solutions for machine storages

Machine storages are very flexible and can easily be extended and shortened. Should your circumstances change, the fabric structure can easily be moved or dismantled. A machine storage from Hallbyggarna Jonsereds also has a high second hand value, which secures the investment in the long-term. Hallbyggarna Jonsereds is certified for SS-EN 1090 and also has CE marked steel frames. Upon delivery of a machine storage from Hallbyggarna Jonsereds a declaration of performance and CE marking are always included.

FAQ about machine storages

What is the average lifetime for a machine storage?

Machine storages from Hallbyggarna Jonsereds are manufactured with steel frames in high strength steel and have a lifetime that is several decades. The rust protected steel frames are hot dip galvanised in accordance with EN 1461. The technical lifetime on the cloth is between 25-30 years and we can easily replace it if needed.

Does a solution require a building permit?

A building permit is required when building a machine storage tent within an area covered under a zoning plan. We will help you with drawings and other documents required for the building permit application. If you would like a certified inspector and support with the building permit application, we can help you with this. To find a certified inspector near you we suggest the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s website,

How long is the delivery time for a machine storage?

In comparison with conventional buildings the delivery time is noticeably short. The season, size of your machine storage and specific customisation can impact the delivery time. Some of our machine storage spans are kept in stock and we are thus able to supply these immediately.

What does a machine storage cost per m²?

The price per m² for a machine storage varies in relation to size, customisation, geographical location, etc. In order for us to be able to give you a price, we need to have more information about your requests and needs. Our salespeople will help you to draft and affordable solution. Contact us for a free quotation.

What financing options does Hallbyggarna Jonsereds offer?

You can choose to buy, rent or lease a machine storage tent from us.

Is the machine storage certified?

Our machine storages are certified in accordance with EN-1090-1. This refers to loadbearing components. As a certified manufacturer we always issue performance declarations and CE marks. Companies who manufacture loadbearing components, i.e., supporting structural parts are dimensioned with Eurocodes are certified with EN 1090-1.

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