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25-metre span



Certified fabric structures for a more secure business transaction.


25-metre fabric structure

The fabric structure is perfect for different logistics solutions where, for example, we can build in loading and unloading directly in association with the fabric structure, for an optimal flow in the business. This fabric structure even functions excellently for the smaller sports hall, larger warehouse and manufacturing hall. With our options, you can adapt the fabric structure to suit your specific needs and create space in a considerably shorter time and at significantly lower cost than what a permanent building would cost. Many times, fabric structures are used when there is a temporary need. This is why it is possible to rent or lease one from us. Contact us below and we will look at what is best for you.


Span: 25-metre

Length: Minimum 3 sections

Side height: 5 – 8 metres

Door: Two-part sliding door 4 metres x 4 metres (standard)

Canvas: Painted full Panama weave in polyester

Frame: Hot-dip galvanised steel frame calculated as per Eurocode. Hallbyggarna Jonsereds is certified in accordance with the European Standard SS-EN 1090-1 and our steel frames are CE marked. All deliveries are performance declared by us.

Snow load zone: 1 – 3.5

Wind load: Dimensioned for up to 26 metres/second

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