Guide: Repair your PVC tarpaulin. Read Hallbyggarna Jonsereds guide here.
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Guide: Repair PVC tarpaulin

Guide: this is how you repair tears and holes in the tarpaulin

How do you repair a PVC tarpaulin?

You never know when an accident is going to happen. Even though our tarpaulinsare incredibly wear-resistant and durable, sometimes they get holes in them or a tear occurs. We have created a simple guide for how to repair your PVC tarpaulin.

The primary reasons for a hole occurring in the tarpaulin is when it has been resting against a sharp edge under heavy pressure for a longer period of time. If you avoid these scenarios from occurring then it will have a longer life span that lasts for many years.

Repair your tarpaulin – step by step

Not much is required to repair a PVC tarpaulin, but two important components are a PVC patch (cut a piece from another PVC cloth or contact usand we will send you one) and a hot air gun, preferably with a flat nozzle. This is how you do it, step by step.

Repair tarpaulin – Step 1

Thoroughly clean the area to be repaired. Especially if it has been outdoors for a longer period of time. Use methylated spirit to do this. Place the surface to be repaired on a flat and hard surface so you can roll the patch against at the same time as you heat it with a hot air gun during step 3.

Wash the tarpaulin before you repair it

Step 2

Measure so you know what size the patch that will sit around the tear/hole should be and then cut out the patch with round corners.

Step 3

Set the hot air gun to approx.: 450-600°. You will have to test your way forward as different temperatures are needed for different thicknesses of the PVC patch. Then place the patch over the area that is to be repaired and heat it with the hot air gun between the PVC tarpaulin and patch from end to end. Press with the roller to ensure the patch is securely adhered. Now the patching job is finished. Well done!

How to repair PVC tarpaulins

Good luck with patching your PVC tarpaulin , please give us feedback on our guide via our email address:

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