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Terms and conditions of sale

Here you can read about what conditions apply for renting, buying and delivery. We believe it is important that you feel secure when you choose to buy from us.

Rental, sale and delivery terms and conditions

Rental terms and conditions

Hallbyggarna Jonsereds AB, hereinafter called the rental provider.

1. RentThe rental cost for the rented property is stated on the currently applicable price list. VAT will be added to the rental cost, as well as any other compensation, which the renter must pay to the rental provider. It is the renter’s responsibility to read the rental terms and conditions and to save their copy of the rental agreement and the return form. Changes to the current price list shall be conveyed to the renter at least 20 days in advance. If the renter does not accept the changed prices, then the property must be returned before the price adjustment enters into force.

2. Rental period, etc. The rental period runs from the day when the property, according to agreement, is made available for collection by the renter, i.e., the date that is stated on the rental agreement. The rental period runs up to the day the property is returned to the rental provider or their representative in Sweden and the return slip is issued and signed for by the representative. The renter shall pay for and be responsible for, unless otherwise agreed, loading, transporting and unloading of the rented property. Rented tarpaulins shall, at the end of the rental period, be returned folded together as per the rental provider’s instructions. If not, then the rental provider shall reserve the right to charge for the work carried out as per the applicable hourly rate/unit price list. Each tarpaulin is marked with a number and the renter is responsible for the number on the tarpaulin that is returned coinciding with the one that was rented out.

3. Payment of rental cost Unless otherwise agreed, a rental charge shall be paid, upon receipt of an invoice. At the beginning of the rental period a start fee shall be invoiced as per the price list. Daily rent shall be invoiced monthly in arrears. The terms of payment are 30 days net from the date the invoice was sent out. An invoicing fee will be added to all invoices. Rent shall be calculated from the time the property is handed over and until it is returned to the rental provider. In the event of late payment of the rental charge or other remuneration, penalty interest on arrears shall be payable from the due date as per the Swedish Interest Act. If appropriate, the renter shall also pay a reminder fee as well as collection costs.

4. Place of use, etc. When invoicing, the rental provider shall state what is noted as the “Site/Ref” and is not liable if this has not been correctly stated by the renter. The rental provider has the right to charge a fee for changing this marking. The property that is rented out may, if appropriate, not be used or moved to another site than that stated in the rental agreement, without approval by the rental provider. The rented out property may not be transferred or pledged and the rental agreement may not be transferred to another party without permission from the rental provider.

5. Care of property, etc. The renter is responsible for looking after and taking care of the property that is rented out. The renter is responsible for damage that occurs to the rented property during the rental period, irrespective of whether the renter has caused it or not. The renter is responsible for the rented property being in the same condition at the end of the rental period as it was in the beginning of the rental period, with the exception of normal wear and normal dirtiness. The renter can, upon special compensation to the rental provider, limit their liability for repairs and cleaning the rented property in a manner that is stated below under Item 6, non-life insurance. If the property is destroyed or lost, then the renter shall pay compensation to the rental provider in accordance with the current compensation price list. The renter is responsible for insuring the rented property during the rental period.

6. Non-life insurance In lieu of special payment to the rental provider, the renter can limit their liability for repairs to damage on the rented property. If the renter wishes that the rental provider does not take out this non-life insurance, then this must be stated in the rental agreement. Remuneration for non-life insurance shall be invoiced to the renter at the beginning of the rental period. The non-life insurance means that the rental provider is responsible for the costs for repairs and washing the rented out property at the end of the rental period. If the rented property has been damaged so that, as per the rental provider’s opinion, it cannot be repaired or if the property has been lost, then the non-life insurance shall not apply. If the tarpaulin has the damage stated below, each individually, then the tarpaulin shall be regarded as completely damaged:

  • over 150 small holes
  • tears that are together over 10 metres
  • a part of the tarpaulin is missing, together over 25% of the total area
  • if more than 30% of the tarpaulin area is covered by pitch
  • Tape/glue that cannot be removed

7. The rental provider’s liability The rental provider is not responsible in any case for direct or indirect damage or loss, which can happen to the renter or others through use of or damage to the rented property.

8. Early termination In case the renter does not pay the rental charge at the right time or in case the renter uses the rented property in the way that the rental provider deems entails a risk of injury or abnormal wear, then the rental provider reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement as an early termination and to repossess the rented-out property at the renter’s expense. A similar right shall fall to the rental provider if the renter files for bankruptcy, fails to pay or otherwise is deemed as not having the possibility to fulfil their commitments. If past due rental charges exceed 90 days, then the rental provider reserves the right to charge the cost of the tarpaulins as per the applicable compensation price list.

9. GDPR Occasioned by the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). In order to fulfil our obligations within the framework for this customer agreement we process personal data such as name, national insurance number, address, email address and telephone number. This data is processed with the purpose of being able to deliver the desired products in accordance with this agreement and to invoice the correct recipient.

Sale and delivery terms and conditions

Ordering Ordering products refers to a purchase via our webshop (hallbyggarna.se/butik), telephone or email. When ordering a purchase agreement is first made when Hallbyggarna Jonsereds has confirmed the order via an order confirmation that is sent by email, when ordering in the webshop or via email. For orders received by telephone the verbal agreement shall apply as a purchase agreement. Hallbyggarna Jonsereds does not conclude agreements with minors (under 18 years of age) without a guardian’s approval. All photographic information shall be considered as illustrations and cannot be guaranteed to represent the exact appearance and location of the product. Delivery Terms and Conditions At Hallbyggarna.se VAT is always included in the specified price. VAT is shown on your invoice. Freight costs are added when freight has been chosen as the delivery method for the order. We deliver our products using Schenker. The delivery time is 2-5 working days. Delivery method:

  • Freight with Schenker. Orders less than 20 kg will be delivered to your nearest collection point. Goods weighing more than 20 kg will be delivered directly to your delivery address. The freight cost is based on the total weight of your order. Our freight costs are always shown on your order before you have approved it.
  • Collect yourself at the storage facility in Kungsängen. Your order can be collected at our tarpaulin storage facility in Kungsängen, Symmetrivägen 23, 1637 Kungsängen, all working days between 06:30-15:30.
  • Collect yourself at the storage facility in Falun. Your order can be collected at our storage facility in Falun, Källviksvägen 14, 791 53 Falun, all working days between 08:00 – 16:00 (closed for lunch between 12:00-13:00). Goods that are missing at our storage facility in Falun will be sent via Schenker, see the delivery method: Freight with Schenker.

When the products are delivered/collected the customer must always show their ID. Notice for packages that are sent to Schenker’s local representative for collection will be sent via SMS or email. The customer must collect their package no later than 14 days after notification. If collection is not carried out within 14 days after the first notification, the package will be returned to Hallbyggarna Jonsereds. The freight cost for returning uncollected packages will be invoiced to the buyer. For home deliveries, the customer is responsible for being available at the specified address to receive the goods at the time agreed with the distributor. If the customer is not available at this address and time then Hallbyggarna Jonsereds reserves the right to charge a fee of SEK 500 each time the goods are driven out. For delayed deliveries in excess of 7 days you, the customer, always reserve the right to cancel the purchase. Hallbyggarna Jonsereds is liable for the transport risk, i.e., the risk of a product being damaged or lost during transport to the Customer. The Customer is liable for the risk for any returns to Hallbyggarna Jonsereds. If damage occurs during transport, we ask that you report this damage to Hallbyggarna Jonsereds via email: press@hallbyggarna-jonsereds.se or telephone: 020-91 01 30. We follow the Swedish Consumer Agency’s guidelines and a report must be made within a reasonable amount of time after the buyer has noticed or should have noticed the defect/damage. Therefore, it is important that you unpackage and inspect your products carefully. For companies, the transport damage report must be received within seven days.

Prices and payment All product prices stated in Hallbyggarna Jonsereds webshop are including 25% VAT. All orders are invoiced to the invoice address the customer has provided. No invoicing fee will be added to the invoice. The invoice will be sent after the product is delivered and is due for payment 30 days after the invoice date. For late payments a written reminder will be sent to the customer and penalty interest on arrears of 9% shall be added to the original invoice.

Security and confidentiality All processing of the Customer’s data takes place encrypted with the maximum-security level, using an SSL certificate. When registering and ordering the Customer approves for Hallbyggarna Jonsereds to store and use the Customer’s data to fulfil their obligation towards the Customer. Your email address may be used for marketing purposes, but only by Hallbyggarna Jonsereds. Hallbyggarna Jonsereds also documents the name, national insurance number and/or corporate identity number and address. All personal data is stored securely on Hallbyggarna Jonsereds’ servers, which are protected using firewalls and an antivirus program. Hallbyggarna Jonsereds will not disclose the Customer’s personal data to third parties. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the Customer reserves the right to obtain the information that the company has registered. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, then the Customer can request for the information to be corrected or deleted. The Customer has personal liability for providing the correct data in their order or when registering an account at hallbyggarna.se. The Customer is also liable for protecting their login details, username and password, so that no-one can use this information.

Returns, guarantee and repayment policy

Right of withdrawal If you regret your purchase, you have the right to return the item within 14 days. Always contact customer service for instructions before returning the item. In the event you regret your purchase, you, the Customer, are liable for freight costs to us and back.

Warranty and claims Hallbyggarna Jonsereds sells all products with a 1-year warranty. For customers in Sweden a 3-year warranty right shall apply as per the Swedish Consumer Purchase Act. The product warranty only covers original manufacturing defects, i.e., defects that were found in the product upon delivery. The product warranty does not apply to defects that occur during use or after you change the product’s function and appearance on your own, such as rebuilding, upgrading or another configuration of the product. The Customer’s order confirmation or invoice applies as proof of warranty. Please note that the warranty and right to submit a claim does not apply for companies. However, companies naturally have the right to submit a claim for a product that is damaged when it is unpacked. For claims and warranty matters, the Customer must contact Hallbyggarna Jonsereds by telephone at 020-91 01 30 or via email: press@hallbyggarna-jonsereds.se