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Rent Tarpaulin

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Tarpaulin 4.5x7 metres

Initial charge: SEK 290 ex. VAT Price per day: SEK 7.40 ex. VAT
4.5 × 7 m
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Tarpaulin 6x10 metres

Initial charge: SEK 515.00 ex. VAT Price per day: SEK 11.30 ex. VAT
6 × 10 m
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Tarpaulin flame-resistant

Initial charge: SEK 290 ex. VAT Price per day: SEK 7.40 ex. VAT
4.5 × 7 m
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Insulating mat, 7 mm

Initial charge: SEK 310.00 ex. VAT Price per day: SEK 16.15 ex. VAT
3 × 5 × 0.07 m
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Snow/Lifting sail for rent - Lifting weight 2500 kg

Initial charge: SEK 520.00 ex. VAT Price per day: SEK 19.80 ex. VAT
5.8 × 5.8 m
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FAQ about tarpaulins for rent

How do I find my nearest rental representative?

You can easily find your nearest representative via our representative map.

Köp eller hyr din presenning av Lotta på Hallbyggarna Jonsereds. Beställ smidigt och enkelt via vår webbutik
Can I help you with something?
Our customer service is available on weekdays from 7.30–16.00. Ring oss 020 91 01 30

Rent tarpaulin

Select one of two options:

  1. Contact your local representative and collect your tarpaulin today. Find your nearestrental representative via our representative map.
  2. Order from us online, we often ship the same day the delivery normally arrives within 1-2 working days depending on where in the country the goods are being delivered to. See price list.

There is the option to take out damage insurance when renting in order to cover any extra charges, see damage insurance.

The advantages of renting a tarpaulin:

Higher quality (more rugged) than similar tarpaulins available for purchase. A better option for the environment. A correctly maintained rental tarpaulin can be kept alive much longer than a similar tarpaulin available for purchase. Always cleaned and inspected for damage before use. Get a tarpaulin when you need one. Use it, then fold it up and send it back. We take care of washing it and all additional work. Avoid using tape with strong adhesive properties on the tarpaulin you rent as damage can easily occur when removing it.