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Logistics building



Certified fabric structures for a more secure business transaction.


High quality and flexible logistics buildings

The need for effective logistics can be found everywhere. Being effective throughout the entire process, irrespective of whether logistics is your main focus or only one part of the flow, is a must for being competitive today. Hallbyggarna Jonsereds always puts our customers in focus and always ensures that you receive the help you need to find the right logistics building that is tailor made to suit your specific purpose.

Professionalism with over 50 years’ experience

Our work is based on quality products and professionalism. Today, this goes hand in hand with optimised solutions to guarantee the best performance in the choice of materials and price. No matter whether you wish to finance your logistics building - buy, rent or lease - our skilled salespeople are always ready to figure out the best solution to suit your needs.

Preferential ancillary services for your logistics building

In addition to manufacturing and delivering logistics buildings we also offer favourable associated services that create surplus value for you, as our customer. This is to give you preferential and cost-effective products, from the beginning of the project process until handover. Examples of ancillary services can be project management, installation, technical support, functional and service agreements or favourable forms of financing.

FAQ about logistics buildings

What is the lifetime of one of your logistics buildings?

The steel frames, which are made of high strength steel, have a lifetime of several decades. The canvas has a technical lifetime of 25 to 30 years, which can easily be replaced when the need arises.

What does a logistics building cost per m²?

The price per m² for a logistics building varies depending on several factors such as size, equipment, snow zone dimensioning, etc. To be able to provide a price for the desired logistics building, we ask that you contact us and our salespeople will help you to find an affordable option.

What do you mean by snow zone dimensioning?

The construction of your logistics building must be dimensioned according to the specified Eurocode snow and wind loads for your geographical location where the fabric structure will be placed. See your snow load zone on the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s website.

Is there a short delivery time?

If you compare with a conventional building, the delivery and project delivery time is significantly shorter. We even have some sizes in stock for direct delivery. Please contact us to find out how long or short the delivery time for you logistics building is.

As a customer, do I have to apply for a building permit?

If a building permit is required, we can help you with it. A building permit is required if the logistics building is going to be established within an area covered under a zoning plan. We assist with drawings and other documents required for the building permit application.

Do you have any questions?
Our sales representatives can assist you.
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