Double warehouse at Yilport - Hallbyggarna Jonsereds
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Double warehouses at Yilport

“It is great that the warehouses are simple to expand, develop or move if the need arises.”

Yilport needed to increase its storage facility at the container terminal in Gävle. They chose an affordable and flexible fabric structure solution from us that resulted in two large warehouses that provide almost 10,000 m² in storage facility. Each fabric structure is 124 metres long, 40 metres wide and 9 metres at side height. Fitted with a sluice that connects the warehouses for optimal logistics.

An affordable and flexible storage facility solution.

Bato Hibner, Facility Manager, has chosen to answer a few questions about the project.

What was the background for the project?

We see an increased need to keep more in stock. To be able to continue to develop our business we needed more storage facility.

Why did you choose a fabric structure as a solution?

In comparison with conventional warehouses a fabric structure is a more affordable solution. It is great that the warehouses are simple to expand, develop or move if the need arises.

What made you decide to choose us as supplier?

We conducted a tender process and it turned out that Hallbyggarna Jonsereds was the most favourable company to buy from. From a financial perspective, but also that we were previously satisfied with our prior collaboration that worked very well.

Are you satisfied with the delivery?

Yes, of course.

How has communication with us worked?

The communication has worked great. You have listened to our requests and have been laterally moveable when changes have happened. It feels good that you are so adaptable.

Would you hire us again in future?

Of course!


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