Frost thawing mat 1000W

1 × 3 m
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Our Frost Thawing Mat 1000W is manufactured from double layer flame-resistant yellow PVC 680g/m² and is 3×1 metres in size. Thaw the frost smoothly and efficiently with a frost thawing mat from Hallbyggarna Jonsereds and make groundwork easier during the wintertime. Simply connect the mat to a normal electricity network using the grounded socket and the frost thawing mat is fitting with a thermostat regulated heat cable and 230V IP67 classed plug. Our frost thawing mats reach 65°C and heat the ground effectively before excavation work is done. The top side of the mat has a heat reflecting layer that directs the heat downwards towards the ground.

Usage areas for the frost thawing mat:

  • Thawing of ground and sand before excavation work
  • Thaw water mains and sewage pipes when frozen
  • Thaw silage bales and feed silos

Specifications for Frost thawing mat/Electric heating mat 1000W

Material: Flame-resistant PVC, 680g/m² Cable: Intermediate layer with thermostat regulated heat cable Plug: 230V IP67-classed plug for grounded socket Max. temperature: 65°C Weight: 11 kg/each, loaded 10 units per pallet Dimensions: 3.0 x 1.0 metres, thickness 20 mm Make winter excavation work more effective and thaw the frost effectively using frost thawing mats from Hallbyggarna Jonsereds. Contact us for more information! In one day, our frost thawing mat/electric heating mat can thaw 40 cm down in the ground and 70 cm/day when thawing sandy ground. If you would like to make the thawing process more effective, then we recommend adding an insulating mat on top of the mat. You thereby target the heat down towards the ground even more effectively and the frost will thaw even faster. Frost thawing mats stacked in a pile