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The fourth fabric structure delivered to C24 Bygg Kompaniet

Four fabric structures of the highest quality with a total warehouse space of 3088 m2

“Great quality and great price. Plus, you have fast deliveries.”

At Hallbyggarna Jonsereds, we are proud to yet one more time have been entrusted with delivering a warehouse to C24 Bygg Kompaniet AB i Sandviken (Formerly under the company name XL-Bygg Kompaniet AB).

With fabric structures of the highest quality in a total warehouse space of 3088 m2 distributed across 4 fabric structures – C24 Bygg Kompaniet can store everything from building materials to machines. A customised solution where our customer’s needs are continuously in focus. The customer chose to profile the 15 metre fabric structure with the company logo so it is clearly visible from the E16.

Magnus Svedjebrant, CEO of C24 Bygg Kompaniet AB, has chosen to answer several questions about the project.

Would you like to explain about the background for the project?

  • We needed to weather protect materials and it has gone well when we rented you in the past. For us, it is a fast solution. We have had the same salesperson who looks after our needs and you usually come up with a solution.

What was the reason why you chose afabric structure as a solution?

  • In this case, it was because we might not need a permanent building for this purpose forever and then we can move the fabric structure if needed.

What made you decide to choose us as supplier?

  • Great quality and great price. Plus, you have fast deliveries.

How has communication with us worked?

  • Things have worked great with your sales team. The deliveries have worked great for the most part.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

  • It is great that there is wide range from small to slightly larger fabric structures. We need several different sizes.

Would you hire us again in future?

  • Of course!

At Hallbyggarna Jonsereds the fabric structure is priced according to size, your options, etc. As our customer, we offer you fabric structures ranging in span from 10 metres up to 40 metres, the length is adaptable according to your needs.

Read more about our fabric structuresor get in touch with us and we will answer your questions as soon as we can.

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