Machine storage for agricultural machines - Hallbyggarna Jonsereds
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Machine storage for agricultural machines

Daniel acquired an affordable, fast and simple solution for storing machines.

Practical machine storage for agricultural machines

Farmer Daniel Klint needed a machine storage for his agricultural machines at his farm outside of Hedemora. He chose a fabric structure from Hallbyggarna Jonsereds that gives him 465 m² storage facility for his machines. The fabric structure measures 15x31x5.5 metres (WxLxH). Read the interview further down on the page.

Interview with farmer Daniel

Can you explain the background for your project? I needed more space to store machines. Why did you choose a fabric structure as a solution? Much because it was fast and easy to have it put up. No casting or other jobs that required work and resources. What made you decide to choose us as supplier? It feels safe to hire an established company. I have seen you a lot in Falun and know that you have been around for a long time and will still be there in case I need help in future. Are you satisfied with the machine storage? Yes, I am! How has communication with us worked? It has gone very well. Would you hire us again in future? Yes   A green machine storage with a white roof out in the countryside just outside of Hedemora.

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