Lightweight tarpaulin PRO 120g/m2

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Lightweight tarpaulin PRO 120g/m2

Are you looking for a waterproof and windproof model that is easy to handle? Then the Lightweight Tarpaulin Pro 120g/m² is a great option for you. You have surely seen tarpaulin models in this light weight or less (60-120g/m²) at the large DIY chains. What sets our model apart from those found at the DIY chains is that Lightweight Tarpaulin Pro has a higher tensile strength and tear strength. It is also UV treated and has aluminium eyelets fitted at every metre.

Usage areas:

This tarpaulin model is excellent for temporary covering of e.g., timber, wood, garden furniture, etc. Perfect as an underlay for a tent or as wind protection. The size stated is a so-called “cut-size.” This means that the size stated on the Lightweight Tarpaulin is the size before the edges are sewn in. This is market standard for this model. We recommend buying Holdon Elastic Cords to fix the tarpaulin with. This will make it hold better in high winds. These attachments are extensible and do not pull the tarpaulin apart in the event of resistance. EyeletsLightweight Tarpaulin Pro 120g/m² is fitted with aluminium eyelets. 10 mm in diameter and with one metre distance between them. We strongly recommend supplementing the Lightweight Tarpaulin Pro with eyelet clips Holdon Midi Clips to get more attachment points. This is in order to secure the tarpaulin optimally and minimise the risk of wear that can easily occur when tying up with e.g., rope. Product specificationsA light tarpaulin. Lightweight.

  • Material: Tarpaulin in lacquered, dirt-resistant, PE (polyethylene).
  • Hemmed, welded, edge reinforced with PP (polypropylene)-rope
  • Weight: 120 g/m²
  • Colour: Green
  • Eyelets: Aluminium eyelets CC 100 cm
  • Tensile strength 930 N/5 cm
  • Tear strength 120 N
  • Temperature resistant -30°C to +70°C
  • UV protected
  • Waterproof