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Indoor riding stable with white corners

“We received more fabric structure for the money and you felt like the most serious on the market,” says the new owner of the riding hall who obtained quotations from four different suppliers.

Andreas was interested in acquiring a riding hall after the riding hall they previously rode in was closed down. The solution was an affordable fabric structure from Hallbyggarna Jonseredsthat measures 20x40x4 metres (WxLxH). Fitted with a white roof for great light transmission and great interior illumination.

He got quotations from four different suppliers and reviewed them. Hallbyggarna Jonsereds was selected because the customer felt that we were the most serious on the market and that the fabric structures were a great price. In the interview, Andreas said that he felt it was clear what was included and what wasn’t, something that he did not feel was equally as clear from the competitors.


Read more about the project in the interview with the new indoor riding stable owner

Would you like to talk about the background for the project?

We previously rode at our neighbours who had an indoor riding stable. Unfortunately, it closed down and we needed to find a new solution to have somewhere to ride.

Why did you choose a fabric structure as a solution?

It was our budget that was the deciding factor. It was more affordable to acquire a fabric structure from you instead of building one from sheet metal or other materials. We got more fabric structure for the money.

What made you decide to choose us as supplier?

A combination of factors. After having Googled and looked over the market we chose you. You have a strong company name, which felt secure. You offered a turnkey package with the fabric structure and installation. It felt great to receive a clear price long before the fabric structure was fitted. I received quotations from four different suppliers and evaluated them. With you, it was clear was included and what was not. Something that wasn’t as clear with your competitors. You also had a great price and you felt like the most serious on the market.

Are you satisfied with the delivery?

Yes, I am!

How has communication with us worked?


Is there anything else you would like to add?

It went amazingly fast to get the fabric structure delivered and mounted.

Would you hire us again in future?

Of course!


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