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Padelroom Bollebygd

"The visitors have been pleasantly surprised and impressed by how well a tent hall can turn out."

In 2022, Padelroom in Bollebygd opened its courts to visitors in a padel facility delivered by Hallbyggarna Jonsereds. The hall measures 25×68 meters (WxL) and has a side height of 8 meters. It accommodates a total of five courts and facilities within its 1700 m² area.

Both the lighting and sound have been a pleasant surprise. Very suitable for padel games, in essence.

Read the interview with Martin, CEO of Padelroom Bollebygd.


Why did you choose a tent hall solution for your padel facility?

“Since we don’t own the land and therefore didn’t want to construct a permanent building, we were early on considering a tent hall solution. A smart solution that can be reused when the temporary building permit expires.”

How have the guests’ experiences of the facility been?

“They have been positively surprised and impressed that a tent hall can be this good. Most people have the perception that a tent hall can only be used for storage. Both the lighting and sound have been a positive surprise. Very suitable for padel games, in essence.”

Why did you choose Hallbyggarna Jonsereds as the supplier?

“We had the best impression of Hallbyggarna Jonsereds among the suppliers we looked into. Professional and good communication along with high quality is a great combination.”

How did the communication with us during the process go?

“It went flawlessly throughout the process, good communication and quick feedback.”

Are you satisfied with the delivery?

“Very satisfied. I can truly recommend Hallbyggarna Jonsereds’ solution for a padel facility.”

If you were to build a new padel facility, could you consider hiring us again?



More pictures of Padelroom Bollebygd:

Padelroom Bollebygds padelhall

Splare i padelhall på Padelroom Bollebygd Padelhall av tälthall från Hallbyggarna Jonsereds. Tre padelbanor

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