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New canvas at Söderenergi

Söderenergi’s 25 year old fabric structure became like new after a canvas replacement.

Söderenergi was given the feeling of a new fabric structure with a canvas replacement!

A 25-year-old fabric structure became as good as new. Söderenergi in Södertälje needed to replace the canvas on their fabric structure after many years of wear. A simple job for us at Hallbyggarna Jonsereds, which means that the fabric structure can be used for many years to come!


Mats Jansson who is a property engineer and fire co-ordinator at Söderenergi has answered some questions about the canvas replacement project.

Why did you need to replace the canvas on the fabric structure?

The fabric structure is roughly 25 years old and was now in need of a canvas replacement.

Why did you choose Hallbyggarna as a supplier?

We have previously had great collaboration with you. You were the ones who built the fabric structure from the start.

Are you satisfied with the canvas replacement?

Very satisfied. The gables have now been fitted with mesh, which give a completely different air flow in the fuel hall and the new canvas also lets in much more light.

How has the collaboration worked with us at Hallbyggarna?

It has worked great!

Is there anything you would like to add about the project?

In addition to the canvas being old and having served out its time there were other aspects that weighed in. It was important to look at a new solution to deal with the working environment problems we have had, in the form of poor vision for lorry and machine drivers. In wintertime, the difference in temperature between the fuel and the air caused condensation and fog to form, something we hope that we will not have to deal with now. We also see that we have better conditions to minimise littering outside the tent as we do not have to open the doors with a cross draught as a result, an especially important aspect as well. At the moment we are also looking into replacing the canvas on our other fabric structure.

Finally – Would you hire us again?

Yes, alright!




Thanks Söderenergi for having confidence in us!

Are you interested in replacing the canvas on your fabric structure?

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