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Assembly and disassembly

Fitting and dismantling the fabric structure

The easiest way to fit and unfityour fabric structure is to let our trained installers do it. They are experts on our products, which saves you both time and work. It also makes things easier for the builder as our installers hold all the necessary certificates and comply with all work environment requirements, such as hot work, driver’s certificates for machines, fall protection training and ID06. Naturally, we undergo all the local safety training that is required within the business. We can also assist the builder with administrating electronic personnel ledgers if requested by you. There is also the option to fit or unfit the fabric structure yourself. We will then send you our installation instructions so that you are able to perform the work in the easiest manner. Naturally, we are available if you need assistance with your work or advice in some way. Read our assembly arrangementshere.
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Anders "Anton" Eriksson - Säljare av hallar på Hallbyggarna Jonsereds
Bo Swenson - Säljare av hallar på Hallbyggarna Jonsereds
Lars "Knodd" Åkerlund - Säljare av hallar på Hallbyggarna Jonsereds
Thomas Carlsson - Säljare av hallar på Hallbyggarna Jonsereds
Ulf Lundin - Säljare av hallar på Hallbyggarna Jonsereds