The Dorper sheep are happy in their new pasture shed - Hallbyggarna Jonsereds
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The Dorper sheep are happy in their new pasture shed

At Westlamm Dorper in Falköping, they raise Dorper sheep, which is a rare breed in Sweden.

The race of sheep is most well-known for its characteristic appearance with a black head and throat together with a white body. It also has tasty meat. During the autumn, a new home for the sheep was fitted on the farm, in the form of a pasture shed from Hallbyggarna Jonsereds. This means that the sheep have somewhere to seek protection against the weather’s forces and also a place to feed during the winter. “Choosing a fabric structure as a solution wasn’t clear cut. We didn’t know how things would turn out. We don’t have a lot of land at the place where we intended to build on, so this is why the solution felt like a good one. Plus, it was also a cheaper and simpler option,” says Daniel Sundberg, who operates the farm Westlamm Dorper. “If the solution had not worked then we would simply have dismantled it,” continues Daniel. The fabric structure is 10 x 20 metres with a door in each gable. One door works for transporting feed into the fabric structure and the other door is where the sheep enter. Both gables are fitted with mesh at the top to increase the ventilation in the fabric structure. “The ventilation solution has worked very well. The ventilation in the fabric structure is astonishingly good. Although there is a bit of condensation around zero,” says Daniel. In most cases when we sell a fabric structure to our customers, we also fit it for them. But, in this case, Daniel has fitted the entire fabric structure himself. “Assembling the fabric structure on my own actually went quite well. The times I encountered problems I received guidance from the salesperson at Hallbyggarna Jonsereds. This meant that I was able to solve the problem,” says Daniel. “In previous years we used cheaper types of solutions. But they usually last for just three years and then they fall apart. This solution feels more stable,” concludes Daniel.

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