Campaign hall at Lambertsson in Sälen - Hallbyggarna Jonsereds
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Campaign hall at Lambertsson in Sälen

A 150 m² storage facility solution now stands at Lambertsson’s facility in Sälen

Lambertsson needed to store products and machines at their facility in Sälen.

They acquired our most popular fabric structure, The Campaign hall. A storage solution measuring 150 m², 10x15x3 metres (WxLxH). Jonatan Persson, project manager at Lambertsson in Sälen, has chosen to answer some questions about the fabric structure project. Can you explain the background for the project? We needed to store products that had to be under a roof without heating. Why did you choose a fabric structure as a solution? A storage tent is an optimal solution that works both temporarily and permanently. It is also a much more cost-effective solution in comparison with building stationary storage premises. What made you decide to choose us as supplier? You are a very well-known brand within fabric structure building and there is a reason for that. I believe that you are, in principle, a leading concept within fabric structures. Are you satisfied with the delivery? Yes! The storage tent looks great. How has communication with us worked? It has worked great. You are known for great service. Is there anything else you would like to add? No, nothing special. Everything has worked great. Would you consider hiring us again? Yes!   Campaign hall from the frontCampaign hall in Sälen   We thank Lambertsson in Sälen for the confidence!

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